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A private lake community comprising Twin Lakes Road, the east side of Oscaleta Road (north of Twin Lakes Road), Orchard Drive, and North Lake Circle
President: Martin Watkins    Vice President: Doug Emmerich
Treasurer: Larry Mango                 Secretary: Michael Rudy
Directors: Carlos Fonseca, Trevor McGinn, Jonathan Samter, Amanda Serra, Sheila Smith, Mallory Womer

About The Two Lake Club


The Two Lake Club, Inc. is a deeded homeowners association that assesses dues upon members in order to provide services. Currently, the primary responsibility of the Two Lake Club is to provide a community gathering space, access to the lakes, and occasional social activities for members in good standing and their guests. Residents enjoy swimming, paddling, fishing, ice skating, XC skiing, volleyball, tetherball, BBQing and other activities at the community facility and on Lake Oscaleta as well as the interconnected Lakes Rippowam and Waccabuc. Current annual assessed dues (for 2023-2024 calendar year) are $150 per residence or homesite, payable annually in May. Participation in various ad hoc committees and board participation are encouraged for all residents. New residents are assessed an initiation fee, which in the past has been customarily paid by the departing residents / homesellers.  The Two Lake Club, Inc. holds and annual shareholders / members meeting in April, where all members are invited to attend and provide feedback on the Club's plans for the coming year.  Members are asked to complete a proxy registration for meetings they are unable to attend.  That registration can be completed by filling out and returning this form.


Access to the lake is provided through a private community beach front, boat launch, docks, and picnic area located on Twin Lakes Road. Parking is restricted to the grassy lot and area along Twin Lakes Road. Members and their accompanied guests are expected to follow all rules for the beach area.  Members wishing to host events or large gatherings at the beachfront or picnic area are asked to register their events here.  The boat launch is on private property and is ONLY available to Two Lakes Club members in good standing. All watercraft MUST be registered with the Three Lakes Council before being used on Lake Oscaleta, Lake Rippowam or Lake Waccabuc.

The area now called Twin Lakes Village was bought from Henry B. Anderson in 1906 by Jessica Palmer, who in 1948 sold it to the Peninsula Development Corporation (PDC).  At that time few houses existed in the area. The sale deed included several restrictions regarding the use of the land. PDC subdivided the property and sold lots subject to the restrictions, which are included in the covenant which is part of the sale deeds. 


Over time some of the deeds have failed to include the covenant in subsequent transfers, although it still applies.

One of the main elements of the covenant was the establishment of the Two Lake Club, which was the custodian of the beach property and of the roads in the Village.  Membership in the club was a prerequisite to purchase land in the Village. This became problematic in several real estate negotiations, and the club bylaws were modified in the 1990s to allow a prospective buyer to become a conditional member by entering a purchase contract.


Twin Lakes Road, Orchard Drive, and North Lake Circle were transferred to town ownership, leaving the beach area the club's reason to exist. In the 1960s the beach area was expanded and dredged, and several inland lots were surveyed by J. L. Wilson and Duncan Olmstead. The water supply was privatized with the creation of the Twin Lakes Water Works. Most of the inland homes were built in the 1960s.


More information is available in the book "Lewisboro" by Maureen Koehl (part of the Images of America series), available at the South Salem Library.

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Consider also joining the Three Lakes Council, a not for profit 501(c)3 organization. The Three Lakes Council is a volunteer board who works to protect Lakes Waccabuc, Oscaleta and Rippowam. You can access information by going to their web site: The Three Lakes Council is an independent organization and is not affiliated directly with the Two Lake Club, Inc.

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